Okay I’ve heard some crazy stories about visiting Costco in Korea.  Today after work I decided I was going to man up and dive head first.  First, lets start with the horror stories.  I’ve heard there are masses of people, shoving and pushing and jamming carts in to you heels.  I heard you can get some good deals but you need to have cash.  Cash in King, don’t come in there thinking you can debit card it.  (If you forget there are 3 or 4 ATM’s near the entrance.  If you’re lucky your bank will be there.)

Let me just say, I didn’t have a crazy heel bruising experience.  I walked in, did a little browsing upstairs; there were blankets, vacuums, televisions, and even fine jewelry o_O

After that browsing, we rode the escalator downstairs to the food section.  I think it was pretty massive, but for some reason I think the San Diego Costco had more deals.  That might be because I understand the value of a dollar more than the won.  I bought a giant box of granola, deli meat, 2 for 1 bagels and some Philly Cream Cheese.  I wanted to get a block of cheese but there was no way I was going to finish that alone. (Next time I’ll do half-sees)

Costco Success Tips
1. I brought cash
2. I went with a Costco veteran
3. I went on a weekday evening
4. I brought my own bag
5. I went 2 days after a major holiday (who needs food?) 
6. I knew my budget before I left