So today I was very happy to be able to experience a traditional Korean Chuseok.  Minyoung invited me to visit her family for the morning.  I woke up pretty early to meet her parents and head over to her grandmother’s home.  Everyone was very welcoming and understanding.  Her family presented a feast in honor of their ancestors.  Going from eldest to youngest everyone took turns bowing, then bowing again, and offering a payer.

After the ceremony I got a chance to talk with her Uncles and cousin’s which was nice.  I felt like I was with my family because it was cool and relaxed.  Even though the traditions are different, everyone makes jokes and talks about how people used to act when they were babies.  Everyone tells stories about mishaps or funny situations that occurred.  I ate traditional Korean foods and enjoyed dessert.  It was a really nice time, and I’m very thankful I was able to visit.  I know when Thanksgiving comes around I’ll feel a little sad being away from family; but spending time with Minyoung’s family will make it less hard.

After a wonderful morning I studied Korean for a while.  I visited my friend’s university which was really cool.  I wish I would have taken more pictures…next time I go.