Natural Hair

So I think everyone knows I’ve been growing out my perm. My last perm was in 2007 I think. I still washed and blow-dried my hair like usual. Although in 2008-2009 I tried doing twist outs and roller sets instead of pure heat.

That didn’t last long…when I moved to California blow drying became more conducive to my lifestyle. I like to go out and have my hair on the ready, it’s a miracle if you see me in braids and I’ve never worn a wig or tracks. I like low maintenance hair, preferably not large.

One of my biggest worries when coming to Korea was finding a blow-dryers and flat-iron to “tame the mane!” But, with new cities should come other new changes right? Anyway, I’ve mentioned I’m trying new products with the intention of embracing the hair I have. Unfortunately is completely opposite of how I’ve worn it most of my life. Its large, it doesn’t easily give to headbands and hair accessories and it requires daily maintenance.

I’m on step 1 of my 12 step program: “I admit that I am powerless over my true nature-and that my curly hair will continue to be unmanageable if I deny and abuse it as I have in the past.” – Curly Girl Handbook