Lost in the Metro

I got lost today.  I went to Jongno 3(sam) station today.  I was waiting for my friend…I waited almost and hour.  It was no good, I was trying to get my internet on my phone to work…no luck.  Then I tried to use the pay phone, fail.  I kept waiting, thinking that since my friend was taking the bus and a train to get here their might have been traffic…

While I was waiting some man was yelling at me, where are you from?!….I told him in English and in Korean that I am American.  I tried to walk away and look for another pay phone.  But, he was kinda following, and talking out loud to himself…asking me in English again, “WHERE ARE YOU FROM.”  Next thing I know some people were asking me for directions…do I look like I know where I’m going?  It was my only thought.  Eventually I decided to head home after some random man asked me “how much” in Korean.  There are some really weird Ajussi’s in Jongno 3.

After a while I did finally find a pay phone that worked! Turns out I was at the wrong station…Jongak is where I was supposed to be, not Jongno.  One station apart, but a world of difference in its patrons.  I’m alive and well.

Apparently running from random men in Jongno isn’t uncommon according to other English teachers.      O_O          Who knew?  Oh the things you learn at game night.