Yay! Horray! Assa! I got my phone today.  I went to Olleh which is an KT brand to purchase the iPhone 4 or Galaxy S.  I decided to go with the iPhone 4 since I can use it as an iPod if I come back to the states and can’t get Country Code unlocked.  I’m not really sure what that means, and I know the iPhone 5 is supposed to come out soon…but I think I got a fair deal, besides how much fancier can phones get?  I don’t even know that many people who use FaceTime on the regular yet.

So I was a little annoyed with all the fees they have, and the clauses about not being able to transfer the phone to someone.  I’m only vaguely sure what was going on since Lauren’s English is limited and my Korean is the same.  I was a little confused about the contract because online it says Smart Sponsor plan doesn’t have a contract.  When we were in the store they said they understood Smart Sponsor and I was going to get that discount, so do I have a contract or not?  It all worked out to be 64,000 won per month plus 59,500 won in one-time fees.  One fee was for activation and one was for the SIM card, that’s fair.  What was really unclear was the 30,000 won commission fee…o_O…lost in translation?!

I’ve come to terms with the fees.  However, another language problem arose when they said I couldn’t use my phone until Monday at 1pm…I still don’t know why, I thought I would be able to use it today.  I think Lauren knows why, but didn’t know how to tell me.  She kept saying that everything is going to be fine… I’m a little annoyed and confused, but hey I’ve waited almost a month whats another  2 days.

I suggest taking a friend if you decide to get a phone and make sure they are a friend that likes to get up early and has strong problem solving skills.  I think you will get a better deal if you are the first sale of the day, some cultural phenomena I don’t know much about.  However, its advice I’ve heard once or twice.  Unfortunately my time and resources were limited today.  I’m thankful to Lauren for helping, I know her heart was in the right place and she didn’t let them take full-blown advantage of me.  Gamsahamnida!

I haven’t decided if I should use the phone  Korean or in English


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