Coffee, yuck!

I was supposed to go to bed early last night…but I didn’t.  I was messing in my hair…boiling eggs, and listening to a Korean lesson.  I planned on going out Friday night so sleep is necessarily Thursday night to make that happen.  Around midnight I trashed that plan; since I found myself on Skype and making to do lists.

All I need to get through the day is a cup or two of coffee.  Bad news for you coffee lovers…I don’t know where the good coffee in Korea is.  I’m really not choosy about my coffee.  Everyone know’s I love my Starbucks Grande Vanilla-No Foam-Latte; but its covered in milk, what do I know about the coffee taste?  However, even milk can’t save us from the coffee here.  Apparently my school has been doing informal investigation on the coffee here.  We have tried Korean coffee, imported coffee, fancy packaged coffee, and even Dunkin Donuts.  From what I’ve heard Dunkin Donuts has respectable brew in the States.  Not here, I’ve resorted to pouring chocolate milk in my coffee theses days.

We think the problem is how coffee is roasted.  Even if the coffee says it’s from Vietnam or India it isn’t always roasted there.  Roasting develops the coffee bean flavor, right?  All I know is I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with the late nights without my tasty cup of morning Joe.  Coffee Suggestions, Anyone?



  1. Kim Stiens says:

    My sister used to run a coffee shop that also roasted their own beans, and I would recommend finding a coffee shop in the US that roasts it’s own, and have it shipped directly to you.

    Conversely, that could also increase your problem. Coffee beans will stay just fine for quite awhile, but once you roast coffee, it’s got a distinct timeline where it’s no longer going to be good. So, it could be that all the coffee in Korea is roasted out of country, and the shipping time is long enough that it doesn’t taste good by the time it arrives.

    Also, I’m given to understand (I don’t like coffee, myself) that freezing your beans and keeping them whole until right before you brew your coffee will also preserve flavor. So, you’d have to get a grinder, but it could be worth it.


    1. Thanks for the tips! I’ll have to share them with my coworkers. Freezing them sounds like am awesome idea! I should have thought of that.


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