Hello: Yoboseyo!

Okay, so as sad as yesterday was, I have gotten lots of exciting news today!  First I’d like to talk about how much my hair has been improving since using my Deva Curl products.  I know you can’t really see my hair from the pictures I’ve posted on Facebook or Google+ but in real life it has changed.  I’m starting to get some curl definition…

This leads me to my other good news, I got my AR Card today! Assa! Assa! Assa! (“Yay!” in Korean, I learned this moments ago…)  Anyway, the plan is to open a bank account tomorrow and get a cell phone.  If all goes to plan I’ll have a smartphone with a sweet camera for picture-taking activities.  We won’t have to wait for tags on Facebook or emailed zip files from friends.  I may even get sassy and utilize my Twitter account on the go.  (I’m dreaming big theses days!)

Lastly, but not least, the most exciting news of all.  Cayla and Minyoung are coming to Korea! Min is coming next week, just in time for Chuseok.  (Korean Thanksgiving, four-day weekend! Sweet!)  Cayla will be here for a 12 hour layover on her way to Singapore in October.  I can’t wait for that budding adventure…Korea in 12 hours sounds like a stunt.  So with a little disappointment comes joy!  Another good day in Kimchiland. ^.^