Good-bye Already

Ah, today has been a really good day.  I think my air con is fixed, I hope so…(fingers crossed!)  I should be getting my Alien Registration Card tomorrow! This means I can open a bank account, get paid, get a cell phone, start shopping on GMarket, get a discount card at Etude, etc…

But it was also a bit of a sad day.  It was the last day teaching a lot of my students T.T (I will still see them in the hallway) It was also Channey’s last day teaching and my friend Ahreum’s last day too!  So many changes!  Of course in lieu of all this news we went out to eat to say good-bye.  We had  Korean BBQ of course! We call it the Egg place because they pour egg around the rim of the BBQ tray.  It like slowly cooked scrambled get and kimchi, very delicious.  We also had Galbi (marinated beef) since it was a special day.  Beef is more expensive usually we have pork.  I’ll order Galbi on a non special occasion since I think it’s the best.  For $12 I stuffed my face with beef, rice, kimchi-egg, soup, some other side dishes and a couple of glasses of beer.  It was a wild splurge!

I’m sad Channey is leaving she has been so awesome to me, but I think I’ll see her again.  She might be in Singapore next year if not, I don’t mind visiting LA!  As for Ahreum we’ve already made a date to go shopping after pay-day! She’ll still be in Korea just at a new job.