So most apartments in and around Seoul are pretty small.  I know this because my friend H came to visit me and he said my studio was pretty big, followed by wow, wow, good, good.  (I’m living a very nice life here.)  Anyway I was thinking about how much trash I create relative to my apartment size.  I’ve been here for almost three weeks and I’ve taken out trash once.  The issue I have is that I’m collecting and paying for garbage bags and not throwing away enough stuff.

When you go to the super market or corner store they ask you if you want a bag.  Usually I say yes, they charge me about 50 cents.  Which really isn’t so bad but now I have a bag full of bags.  Since I separate my trash by putting food in one bag and non food items in another bag my garbage doesn’t smell.  So I’m not running back and forth to the dumpster room.  I keep a bag of old food in the fridge and everything else in a bag under the sink.  I can keep a bag of cardboard under the sink for a long time.   My trash bags are filled to the brim before they reach the dumpster room. It took two weeks before I threw anything away including food.  I don’t like going to the dumpster, the fewer times the better!

I’m going to stop paying for trash bags until I get rid of the pile I already have.  I will bring my eco-friendly tote on shopping trips or put my big handbag to good use…Honestly, I think keeping a bag of old food in the fridge is a little weird.  But I might try it back in the states since it forces you to pay attention to what you are eating and throwing away.