I’ve heard a lot about Itaewon, some good things and some eh not so good things.  My first impression of Itaewon is that it was filthy.  There were a lot of foreigner’s but I feel like I got the same amount of stares as I do in other parts of the city.  Which really surprised me because every 5 minutes I saw a black person.   To follow that; I think the stares came from me being a black woman walking around with a Korean guy.  Korean girls with foreign men isn’t uncommon but I think the other way around can be considered strange.  I’m not dating my friend I was walking around with; we know that, but other people don’t.

I’ve been wearing my hair in its transitional curly state lately.  However, within 2 minutes of exiting the metro in Itaewon I was offered micros and a relaxer.  o_O  Does my hair look that bad lady…that is all I wanted to say.  But I politely took her business card and walked away.  Sure Itaewon is a small section in Seoul but community that lives there is probably smaller so I don’t want start off on a bad foot.

Overall, I don’t have any urge to visit Itaewon again unless I have a craving for Cold Stone or “Foreign” food.  It was very small to me and I have a feeling shopping would be over priced as well.   I know shoe shopping might be successful there but I want to try my luck with Big Shoe Store and  Myeong dong first.  It was a good day: I came, I saw, I ate ice cream.



  1. Celinda says:

    I totally understand the stares!!! Funny how you’ll just get used to it. You’re right though, Korean men with a foreign girl is odd. Let them stare and just have a blast. It is a bit dirty there but some great restaurants, bars and clubs. It’s good when you’re craving to be around Westerners. =)


    1. Yea, the stares will just become part of life soon I think. 🙂


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