Namdaemun + Hongdae

Today I went to Namdaemun.  It’s a large outdoor market.  The vendors sell a lot of things, like leather goods, food and tourist souvenirs.  There were a lot of camera shops, some with good deals.  I heard there is a better and bigger electronics market but I’m not sure where that is yet.  I did buy some really pretty postcards.  There was a wild abundance of “hello kitty” goods, everything from stamps to book bags to pillows.  This place was some little girls heaven!

I went to Etude again already!  I purchased some pretty peachy pink nail polish and eye liner.  I’m quite pleased with my purchase.  I also got a free face mask. 🙂

I also went to Hongdae again today.  It was my first nightlife Seoul experience.  You can find yourself staying out until 7am, because these places never seem to close.  I left the 3rd club around 4:30 am!  Not because it was closing time, but I realized what time it was and thought I should go home!  Good music lot’s of American music and my fellow club-goers knew all the words.  Heck yes for the mixed crowd!  Long day but fun for sure.