Chon-gi eop-seo-yo.

So I was in the middle of writing a blog post when I decided to go up stairs and visit E.  She wanted to give me some photo’s from the field trip to share on my blog.  Anyway, I left my apartment like usual.  I left the fan running and turned off all the lights.  I think the air con was on just to see if it would make a difference.

I come back about 20 minutes later.  I’m dancing around the entry way trying to get my motion sensor to turn on.  It makes me work for light…everyone else seems to have a normally functioning light.  Go figure.  When the light doesn’t come on after my dance, I start clicking switches for the other parts of the room.  Nothing comes on!  Not the bathroom light, the kitchen light or the dimmer light.  I leave the door open and rush to my fan.  I can make it with out a little light but I must have a fan!  In a mild panic I try to hop on Skype to send a message.  That’s a fail too.  You need electricity to get internet!  Dang it, what am I going to do at 11:30 pm, no electricity in a foreign country?

Run to E’s room!  So we look up the words on what we think is the circuit breaker.  Fair plan…but what if we push the wrong button.  I’ll have no hot water or fan all weekend.  The door on E’s washing machine was broken and it took a week for someone to open the door.  The jury is still out on if her clothes are have grown mold or not.  With those thoughts, we run downstairs to find some help.  With some hand gestures and about 6 Korean words we found help.  In about 6 minutes I had electricity again.  Crisis averted.  Yay!