So my friend Channey is leaving Korea at the end of the month.  So over the past couple of days she has been trying to give me a crash course of all things fun in Korea.  She has been super awesome in helping to get me settled.  Especially by donating random things I might need.  Today obtained a toaster oven, I think it’s a toaster oven, I can’t read the knoby-bits.  Hangers, some salt, vanilla extract (which is very expensive here) and a developing addition to GMarket.

G-Market looks awesome, it has everything.  Korea seems to love all in one shopping.  You can get clothes, shoes, kitchen supplies, movies, food….all kinds of stuff.  The funniest part is I’ve spent 3 days looking at the site trying to read the Korean.  Today I realized there was an English button.  I’m sure I will be ordering from here soon.  When I do I’ll be sure to let you know…I’ve already got my eye on some sheets and some wall stickers.  Hey, this apartment should look like home…I think so!

Thanks for all the giant bottle of free salt!

Currently working on a new hair style, its my first day trying Deva Curl Products.