After work today E, our friend Channey and I decided to give the Jimjilbang a try.  A Jimjilbang is a Korean public bath house, but to me its like a spa, with hot saunas, cold pools, warm pools.  There are also PC Rooms (computer rooms), napping rooms, places to watch TV and places to hang out with friends.

Channey had already been there before so she was giving us our personal tour.  Before heading over we made a pit stop at 2001 (Kim’s Club the giant grocery store place) and got some face masks.  Etude House had a sale buy one get one free.  So I got two for $2 masks and two for $1.  Today I tried the Princess 3D Lychee Mask.  I must say after all the hot rooms, and hot pools putting on the mask felt very refreshing.  My skin feels bouncy and smooth.

So at first I was a little nervous because your naked for the first half of the visit.  I’ve gotten some crazy stares on the street already because I stand out .  I’ve read other blogs that say its not a big deal to be naked in the bath house,  but I always take those reviews with a spoon of sugar.  But surprisingly enough, I didn’t get much of a second glance.  Someone even helped me turn on the shower!  So the blogs were right.

This particular Jimjilbang is like a 5 minute walk from my apartment, its a local one.  It had lots of good amenities but I’m pretty sure there are some fancier ones in Seoul proper.  Anyway I just wanted to say my first Jimjilbang experience was wonderful.  Including all of the face masks, my scrubby cloth, the snack I brought, and cost of the spa; I spent a good $14!   Next time I go, I’m going to splurge the extra $17 to get one of the Ajumma’s to scrub me down.