Yesterday I went to the grocery store.  There is one called Kim’s Club, it’s pretty fancy they sell everything from apples to umbrellas (they don’t sell v, w, x, y or z) …the market is part of a bigger department store.  It’s like a cross between Lord and Taylor,  Gernardis and Wal-Mart I guess?

Any who, I was just looking around when a Ajumma (older woman) demanded I sample her nori mix.  I obliged and I was very pleased I did.  You can put this stuff on anything! Rice, fish, or eat it by the spoonfuls if your heart desires.  Of course I bought $7.00 worth.  But Kim’s Club was a little pricey I thought.  So of course I’m on the look out for the mom and pop store with some discounts.  I find one.  It is maybe 1/100 the size of Kim’s Club, not as tidy and the cashier didn’t have a sweet silky uniform.  But I was smaller the selection was limited and there weren’t as many people.  So I could really take my time to attempt to read the labels.  Unfortunately the verdict is still out on if its more economical to shop there.

In addition, apparently I can read a little but not completely well.  I thought I was buying Soba noodles, (a buckwheat cold noodle with sauce that is easy to make)…but when I got home and tried to whip up my noodles I found out it wasn’t soba.  So I found myself making naeng myeong.  Both are cold noodles but one is supposed to be a soup…soba is not a soup that I’ve ever had.  However, to my surprise it was easy to make and not too hard to pack for lunch.  If I had a camera I would have posted a photo.



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