2Phones + 3Dictionaries = 1Conversation

Ah it was very nice weather today in Korea.  E and I met up with our friend Ahreum she works with us at Poly.  She brought along her younger brother and cousin who are in high school studying English.  E was nervous about what we would talk about.  But after 3 hours of sitting at the cafe we really hit a variety of topics.  Although sometimes it took three dictionaries and a iPhone app to communicate; I’d say it was a success.  We talked about Korean drama’s and music, Jason Mraz, pod-casts, phone service, parts of speech, love lives, accents, Harry Potter…the list goes on.

But my favorite part is that I might be someone’s Noona! (Noona is what boys call their older sister ^.^)

I’m finally getting some answers with how the phone plans work in Korea.  I found out that the most popular provider is SK, even Ahreum says its the best.  Although she has her phone with KT…o_O

I think I’m going to go with KT anyway because they have a blog in English dedicated to expats who want to get a phone in Korea.  There is a Smart Sponsor plan so I can probably get the iPhone 4.  Their pricing is similar to other providers from what I’ve read online at least.  So when me I finally get my ID card I will let you know how that worked out.  Ahreum said she would come with me help me get a discount.  Oh Alien Registration Card where are you, I am waiting for you.

 “De-seu-co-teu ju-se-yo” (Please give me discount; with my puppy eye look).