Yuk Sam Building!

Oh such a lovely day.  I cleaned my apartment a little.  I made some breakfast, made 2 new friends then I went to 63 Building!  My new friends are Roger and Ademir.  They are both from California and are working for another English School.  Ademir had an awesome camera so please view themI will have photos to share soon! Okay so for about $40 I rode the subway round trip, had lunch, a snack, visited a museum, saw a 3D Movie and went to the Aquarium.   To make that even better it was all in the same building!  63 Building used to be the tallest building in Asia in the 1980’s.  It has one of the highest located Art Galleries.  Right now the Gallery featured a modern sketch based collection.  I really enjoyed it because of all the live colors and variety of media that was used.  Also the Gallery is on the 57th floor I think so there was amazing views of the Han River.  I love that they let you take photos in the gallery. Then we stopped for some lunch, I had bibim naeng myeong which is cold noodles and veggies. Very yummy, followed by some gelato which was ice cream to me.  It was good but it didn’t taste like Italy… Ah the 3D show was awesome it was about surfing in Tahiti.  Everything was in 3D even one of the commercials.  It was informative and we had headsets so we had the option of listening in English.  I’ve seen a couple 3D shows but I think this was my favorite.  I want to go to Tahiti now. And lastly the Aquarium!!! I saw Nemo and Dori!  There was a free seal show, where the seals jumped through hoops underwater and dunked basketballs.  That was entertaining but I was most impressed by the Underwater Ballet.

This girl jumps into the water and dances. While doing her dance she goes up for air a few times.  Mind you her legs and arms are still moving.  After some air she does some more dancing and flips…I don’t remember how long the show was.  I just kept thinking she shouldn’t be underwater dancing this long…I’ve never seen anything like it before.  Ah, only in Korea.