Phone + Food

I still don’t have a phone.  Still waiting on my Alien Registration Card to come in.  I’m so sad…  Since I plan on getting one of those fancy smartphone I will have a camera at last.  There are so many photos I need to share!  I haven’t decided what I’m going to do this weekend but I know I did have a lovely dinner.

For 11,000 won or a little less than $11 I had myself a nice feast of Samgyeopsal.  Which is pork belly friend up over hot coals.  It’s a pretty popular dish in Korea.  I had a side of Kimchi (slightly charred on the grill) and marinated onions, grilled garlic and some other side dishes.  I smelt like a BBQ pit when I left but I felt quite satisfied.  I think I’ll go to the museum tomorrow…

Thank you everyone who offered to ship me JIF it made my afternoon. 🙂