Oh today was nice weather, it was quite warm and I didn’t see rain clouds.  Any other day I would be very happy.  But today I just felt homesick.   Which brings me to today tip.  Don’t leave home without some photos!  I had photos on my to do list.  I also had peanut butter and honey on my list.  Now that I’m here I feel like those few things I missed are more important to me than all the tooth paste I brought.  (I’ve seen the toothpaste here, its strange-looking so I’m saying a lot)

Anyway, when you travel bring some photos, the ones you can hang on the wall.  You’ll be less likely to sit on your computer for 40 minutes flipping through photos if you have them in daily view.  Besides I’m in Korea, I should be posting photos not staring at them!  If anyone wants to send me some JIF creamy peanut butter I would be grateful because Skippy is lame.  Miss you friends and family!


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  1. Celinda says:

    Awww!!! Hang in there! You’ll find secret spots where you can get Western food! I promise. Take it all in and live it up. You’re free…no stress…new world…

    Take good care.


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