Birthdays + School

Today I think I should talk a little bit more about my students.  I have finally met all the students in every class I have.   I teach the following subjects: Reading, Grammar, Non-Fiction Reading, Vocabulary, Writing and Speaking.  Some subjects I teach to Pre-Kindergarten/ Kindergarten and some classes I only teach to Elementary.

In the morning all my classes are Pre-Kinder and kindergarten theses are the most lively students.  They like to sing and dance, they have a lot of questions and they get distracted very easily.  They are just like American kids!  Today was my student Estel’s birthday.  I found out today she is 7 in her Korean age.

This little girl barely reaches my hip, so imagine my surprise when she told me she was 7!  Korean birthday traditions are a little different from how we celebrate in America.  When you are born you are considered 1 years old in Korea.  In America we consider you 0.  After your birth you gain another year on the Lunar New year.  In America you might be 4 months old but in Korean age you could be 2!   So depending on which month you are born you could be one or two years older than your American age.  I’m thinking Estel is actually 5 in American age.

When new people ask me my age in Korea I usually tell them my birth year, since if I tell them my American age it doesn’t always match up.  I thought I would be an Ajiumma in Korea…but I think I am still young. 🙂


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  1. Celinda says:

    Ajiumma!! hehe


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