Hey News Flash.

I woke up this morning…I talked to my friend Jeana on the phone via Skype.  Right after that I put together the bag of things I was going to take to school.  Like an apple and some Twizzlers for a snack.  Then I turned on the stove button, put on the burner and grabbed my frying pan.  I did it like I had been doing it for months.  I went straight to the fridge to pull out my eggs and my food garbage bag.  I watched the eggs fry up and threw a little pepper to taste.  Next thing I knew I was sitting down eating and listening to a TalktomeinKorean Podcast.  As I finished breakfast I pushed the hot water button and headed for a shower.

It was weird…it was like I’ve had this routine before.  All of a sudden it hit me. I live here, this is my routine.  I’m going to pull out this frying pan and food bag over and over again for the rest of the year.  News flash Daniesha, you live in Korea.