Bulggogi + Missed Meetup

E is really the best; she made me lunch/dinner today!  Bulgogi is marinated beef served with banchan (side dishes). and it was perfectly delicious.

So today’s big plan was to go to Language Cast and meet up with my old friend from San Diego; Hangun.  If you have heard of Meetup.com then you sort of know what I’m talking about.  Basically its a pretty large group of people who meet up in Hongdae to practice new languages.  I used to go to a Korean Meetup when I lived in San Diego which is how I met H.  ( H is from Korea but lived in the US to study English for a year.)  So of course I was looking forward to going today. Unfortunately today is Korean Independence Day.  I think most people thought it would be cancelled because of the Holiday but there were a few of us that came…

Even though the meet up was cancelled I stilled enjoyed a mango coconut smoothie.  We also walked along the stream that was near by which was really pretty. Yes, there is a stream in the middle of a large metropolitan city… I saw lots of people sitting around talking especially couples and older people.  There were man-made fountains, stone paths over the water, old paintings on the walls and even a band playing over one of the bridges.  There was even a digital garden which was pretty cool too.  Besides all the fun at the stream I had crash course in navigating the Seoul Metro.   We got a little turned around but we made it back fine.

Overall another good day!  I’m so happy I got to meet up with H I like seeing old friends in a new city.


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  1. Patty Abdalla says:

    love this blog…keep it coming! I am confident that you can meet your challenge of 100 days/100 blogs! – Patty 🙂


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