Food + Metro + New Friends

Such a good day! I finally got to meet my friends Jongseo and WaeJin! It was also the first day I attempted to take the Seoul Metro.  As I was leaving my apartment to head to Daerim Station I was really nervous.  I still don’t have a phone and I was worried I was going to get off at the wrong stop.  What would I do then?

It all worked out well, needless to say.  I tried lots of yummy foods beginning with Sikhye which is a sweet rice drink. It wasn’t as hot as usual today however it was still very humid.  Sikhye did the trick to cool down.  I also had ice cream which is my favorite and Patbingsu which is a Korean shaved ice dessert.  Very odd assortment of ingredients but surpisingly good and refreshing.  (you need lots of refreshing foods when you live in humid weather)

Lastly we had Jjim Dalk which is a really spicy chicken and noodle stew/stir-fry.  It was very spicy but very yummy…I thought I was going to explode because I ate so much! Jongseo took lots of photos so I will have some to post soon!


*Side Note: WaeJin gave me a very pretty fan.

I must practice whipping it open until I look like a pro.