Laundry + Around Town

Woke up bright an early today…not by choice the sun made my apartment very bright and the air con hasn’t been fixed yet so it’s quite hot.  I did manage to get somethings done.  First on my list was to look up all the words on my washer/dryer…luckily for me the previous person who lived here left a chart.  Now, it was rudimentary; since many of the buttons were labeled “I don’t know” but hey, it was a start.

After a bit of  that, I met up with my friend E again. We decided to go for breakfast…now I don’t remember the name of the soup but it was like  a cold noodle soup. Mashida!  There were even bits of ice chunks still melting when it arrived.  It was very delicious and refreshing.  After breakfast of soup; we did a little browsing. There aren’t a ton of shops in Cheolsan, but I think I found two places I will probably visit often.  U-Shop and this other off beat store with lots of hair accessories. I do love my headbands.

The most sour part of the day was the pervert in the stairwell to Cafe Ann House.  There are sexual deviants everywhere.

However Cafe Ann was lovely, extremely girly and frilly with yummy cakes, tea and coffee. Much better than what I was drinking at work!  Once I get my camera I will post photos!

*Side note: butter is almost $7.00, can anyone ship me butter?



  1. jeana says:

    i think the dish was mool naeng-myun (the noodles you bought thinking it was soba)


    1. Yea I think you are right…either way it was yummy.


  2. Michael-LeShell says:

    I feel like I am going on this journey with you, between your writing and photographs! The washer and dryer senerio…that made me laugh. I know you will be spending a lot of free time at Cafe Anna sounds just like you! Becareful, watch out for those perverts..i will send you some mase pronto!

    Love you mucho hermana!


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