Yoga + Google Translate

So I tried to start day three off pretty productively…me and my new friend and co-worker Elisabeth decided we wanted to see about taking yoga.  We did do some asking around but decided to check out a studio across the street from work.  Lucky for us Yoga is the same in Korean.  Yay!

The yoga studio was really nice; with a  simple and relaxing atmosphere. The studio offers Hot, Vinsaya and Healing Yoga.  The lovely front desk girl doesn’t speak much English and E and I have minimal Korean skills… However, with the help of hand gestures, Google translate and a pocket dictionary we got the details.  The studio is currently offering a buy 3 month pass get 40% off the fourth month; and if you pay in cash there is a discount.  So for 340,000 won I can get 4 months of unlimited yoga…that is less than $100 a month.  This is sounding like a good deal to me so far…

Any who, thank you Google Translate you helped make this information exchange possible. 🙂



  1. google says:

    I liked your article is an interesting technology
    thanks to google I found you


  2. Michael-LeShell says:

    Good for you sis! Sounds like you are adjusting pretty well. Thumbs up for yoga!!!


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