Still Hugging….Virtually.

I still work with the Nonprofit Hug It Forward, and I plan to keep doing it even while I’m in Korea.   I am very fortunate that most of the work I do for Hug It Forward isn’t geographically limited.  It’s mostly social media and grant writing…talking about our amazing work building schools from recycled plastic bottles.  When I’ve volunteered and worked for other organizations usually I fall off from participation because I move or I can commit to the specific times. For example I enjoyed working at San Diego Museum of Art but when I moved well I couldn’t volunteer anymore. I loved working with the High School girls when I was in college, but see I did this thing, I graduated.

Just imagine how happy I am theses days since I know that I can stay active in my organization. Our core team is already pretty global. We use a free conference call service, our wiki and email extensively. I am always amazed at technology and all the things it can do if you use it…I’m learning the world of HTML because I enjoy working with Hug It Forward that much.

Wish me luck on the “virtual” involvement!



  1. That’s beautiful, Daniesha! Thank you for your continued support and passion for the cause. It means a lot to all of us that your commitment to Hug It Forward has not been shaken by moving first across the country and then across the world. Thank you for speaking so highly of us. We’re proud to have you as part of our family!!!


  2. Zach says:

    Daniesha you are so awesome! We are very thankful that you are apart of the family!

    We love you,


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