NGO To Watch: Hug It Forward

I’ve had the opportunity to work with an awesome nonprofit called Hug It Forward.  It’s mission is to be a catalyst for change through bridging the gap between intangible actions (like the power of a hug) and tangible change (like building schools).  They want to get as many people involved in the movement without requiring fiscal obligations from the individual supporter.  I think it’s a pretty awesome concept.  They build bottle schools in emerging countries with high levels of plastic waste.  They bring infrastructure to communities that really need it and often eliminate the plastic waste in those areas at the same time.  Furthermore, they educate the community on how to recycle and learn some of the building techniques to use on other building projects in their community.

It’s an impressive balance between Environmental Education, Job Corps, and an Uplifting Spirit Rally.   The best part of this nonprofit is anyone can get involved just by giving a hug.  Corporate donors give money for every hug that a volunteers gets registered online and that money goes to the purchase of building supplies for the emerging communities bottle school projects.  I’m very honored to be able to support this organization, it supports education initiatives, its environmentally friendly, inclusive and frugal.

What more could this young, revolutionizing volunteer want in a nonprofit organization?