LinkedIn. Amazon Book List, Favorite App.

Okay, I know I just wrote a post about why I love LinkedIn; but I have another reason!  You know that nifty little widget that allows you to create a list of books you’re reading, want to read or have read?  If you don’t know about it, I suggest you check it out under the More Tab > Applications.

I am someone who loves going to Borders for hours to wander the aisles.  I enjoy spending time in used bookstores on a Saturday afternoon (I’m in walking distance to a few).  I also like reading the back covers of several books; some with cool titles or fancy pictures.  I’m the girl who stares really hard as I try to figure out the title of a book an innocent stranger is reading…but with all that I often walk out empty-handed.

As much as I enjoy going to the bookstore, choosing a book leaves me with an overwhelming sense of anxiety.  I rarely know where to begin.  My mind draws a blank, I can’t remember any of the titles or authors of books my friends suggested I read.  I painfully try to think of all the books I’ve been suggested over the past weeks at networking events or something I over heard reviewed on NPR.  Usually I don’t pick up a book as soon as I hear about it since I’m usually in the middle of reading something.

With my Amazon book list I can keep track of books I want to read, or follow the list of other people I think have interesting lists.  If your switching sectors or you want to build on an existing relationships, discussing books is great avenue.  I have books I read for fun and for professional purposes on my list.  Want to get into the head of a CEO, check out their book list.  What books are professionals in your sector reading?  Did you make a new connection on LinkedIn; check to see if they have a book list.  It’s a good way to build rapport and network when you understand someone else’s knowledge source.

Choosing a book doesn’t leave me anxious anymore, I  get a bit excited when I update my book list status from Want to Read > Currently Reading > Have Read.

Do you use the Amazon Book List, why or why not?


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  1. Oscar says:

    Yes! I try to keep my reading list updated as much as possible too. I wish it could show more than two books at a time on the front though. Also I wish I could date entries because part of my reason for using it is so I can remember which books I’ve read and in what order, for my own history of intellectual growth post-Bachelor’s.



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