LinkedIn. Why I love it.

So earlier this week at a YNPN committee meeting we were discussing our Media Plan for the upcoming year.  One of our outlets we use to engage with our members is LinkedIn.  Everyone at this meeting uses LinkedIn but we have been having a difficult time creating a circle of dialog with our members beyond the board.  Our chapter is still pretty young so we are trying to develop a brand; that look, feel, and touch of YNPN San Diego.  We promote a lot on Facebook and Twitter but I think LinkedIn has some qualities to it that other media outlets don’t compare.

How did Aaron put it? Something to the effect of: The P in YNPN is for Professional and the N is for Networking, which is why LinkedIn would be a better use of energy than Facebook.

I love LinkedIn just for those two exact reasons.  It’s an excellent way to manage your professional network.  Yes many of my college Facebook friends are also LinkedIn connections.  However, those people have gotten to know me over years of interaction.  Whereas some of my LinkedIn connections only know of my from a work or volunteer perspective.  I like LinkedIn because it still builds that online connection.  However, you’re not sharing your love of beef jerky and the play-by-play of your trip to Vegas with a potential boss or hiring manager.  Until new acquaintances get to know you a little better its nice to connect with them without spilling your whole life. Facebook does have a lot of privacy setting but it still doesn’t hold that professional vibe that LinkedIn has.

I also like LinkedIn because it’s the long version of my resume.  My LinkedIn has a list of my responsibilities whereas my resume is a list of accomplishment or improvements at a particular job.  I even put my LinkedIn link on my resume so when I send it electronically a potential employer can learn more about my through my profile page.  Do you love LinkedIn?



  1. KJR says:

    It’s a great site that allows you to keep your professional and personal life separate. Great Post!


  2. I’ve found it to be a tremendous resource for just the same reasons that you mentioned–more in-depth experience, connections and continued networking opportunities!


  3. Madelyn says:

    I was just on LinkedIn approving friend connections and updating my information before I checked my blogs for the day – great minds think alike!


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