Building Education, Ground Up.

So in a previous post I mentioned education in South Korea.  I thought I should really learn more about building education systems, schools, policy, etc in other countries.  It’s always important to gain a clear perspective of how the American education system works in conjunction with the view points of other countries.  This may help in the development of ideas on how to successfully reform our education system.  I retrieved this awesome idea from a book I read; Healing of America by TR Reid.  He went around the world looking at Healthcare systems, why not do the same for education?

Surprisingly just as I was thinking about this I got an email from my friend Kwaku.  He is one of the Founders of 54 Kingdoms a clothing line unifying fashion, entrepreneurship and social responsibility.   Personally I think its quite impressive to find that balance.  He was telling me about his new partnership for a program called Built for Haiti.   Basically they are raising money for a school which was destroyed after the earthquake.  By donating 100% of the proceeds to the Edeyo Foundation which founded a school in Port-Au-Prince prior to the earthquake.   It seems like good schools in Haiti are safe havens for students.  I wonder how many students feel that way about schools in the US.

This is a country where many of its citizens are unable to read, whose government has an opportunity to begin again.  To build a system of success for their people.  I’m interested to see the developments and direction the Haitian government takes to rebuild.  If there continues to be organizations committed to finding balance between advocacy for what is best for the people and enterprise then I think there is hope.  I seek to learn more about the nuts and bolts of the Haitian government to better understand their system limits.

This is a moment the country can mark as a beginning, with the right balance of enterprise and social responsibility there could be a great future ahead for Haiti.