A Collaborative Model for Backend Responsibilities?

As I read through the post about Misconceptions in the Non Profit Sector I thought about how collaboration could offset the cost of the services to organizations with a limited budgets.   In the comments Allison and MJ touch on the subject of funders and their contributions.  If funders are worried about over spending on marketing cost could multiple organizations benefit from sharing these non program related administrative costs?

How excited was I when I read the title: Opportunities for Nonprofit Back Office Collaboration? You can guess I was pumped.  The trigger word for me here was “economies of scale” a simple freshman year Economics term; which I clearly left in the dusty corners of my memory. I think most non profits could benefit from this idea of sharing backend resources. I’m excited that there is an organization dedicated to helping nonprofits become more efficient and possibly creating an impact on the bottom line.

Other than the possible cost savings; backend collaboration impacts the organizational culture. Many times nonprofit employees wear many hats. To some extent this is great; newbie’s are given a lot of exposure to how the organization operates. They are able to engage in many aspects to find their sweet spot. However for those who have a specific talent it doesn’t always meet its full potential since efforts are tied up in other responsibilities.

How would organizations feel about developing a collaboration model? How receptive would funders be to the idea of shared resources?