An Environment Breeding Innovation

As a continuation of a previous post on the “Purpose of For-Profit Education” I want to discuss some ideas regarding innovation.  Of course I was drawn to yet another NY Times article regarding South Korea’s idea for expanding opportunities for Korean students to learn English.  They have been working on building a self contained English speaking community to reduce the number of students studying abroad and increase opportunities for foreign investment.

This is what I’m talking about when I think of innovation.  Mind you this self contained English speaking community is government funded in South Korea and I doubt that would really fly in the US.  However, I’m on board for the idea behind it.  This community’s purpose is really business for good not evil.  This project isn’t slated to be completed until 2015, but I’m bubbling with anticipation thinking of the possibilities.

Is there some room in the US education system for a project as lofty as this?  Maybe not, I realize South Korea has their own set of cultural characteristics which encourage this type of community.  I will not restrain my enthusiasm for this idea.


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  1. ranavain says:

    That’s a really interesting idea, but I’m not sure how much I can get behind the English-only. I think having mixed language schools both here and abroad is only good, though I can see why S. Korea would be interested in having strong English skills in this community.

    And I absolutely think there is room for something like this in America! For one, I think it’d be great if there were a branch of Qinghua University here in Portland (although there may already be international branches of universities in America that I don’t know about). And there are already elementary schools in California that are full immersion Spanish, which is fantastic. Granted, right now these things are fully private, rather than government funded, but still, its a step in the right direction!


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