Collaboration is important…I’m not talking about Co-Hosting.

So in response to Kimberlee’s comment regarding my post on Community Collaboration I think she has a valid point. Although I think non-profits should share resources I don’t think it’s always in their best interest to “co-sponsor or co-host” events all the time.

Should a homeless shelter for batter women co-sponsor events with a foundation for displaced refugees? No maybe not. It isn’t a typical paring (although I’m sure with some thought I could find some arrangement to be mutually beneficial.) I also am not suggesting all food shelters shouldn’t be combined into one program either.

When I think of creating a community of collaboration and resource sharing I am more specifically thinking about the back end of organizations. I want to share strategies on the logistics the operational side of a non-profit. Have you gone to a fund raiser or program that was implemented with flawless execution? I want to know what they did to make that program run so well. Is there a secret form that the organization uses to implement every single one of their programs? How can two shelters learn from each other? Most nonprofit professionals have a love and passion for what they do but strategic planning, process standardization and creating efficiencies aren’t common skills. I’m not saying nonprofits should be run like a business but some business principles can be useful. Isn’t the true goal of most nonprofits to use the limited resources they have effectively to reach serve any many people possible? So why not collaborate and share what methods work best for your organization?