How to Quickly Tweek your Resume

So I have been attempting to follow Rosetta Thurman’s 31 Day Blogging Challenge.  The assignment was to create a How To post.  I racked my brain for several hours. I’m not sure what I know how to do.  Then I thought, I’m supposed to be an expert in something, at least on my way to becoming an expert in something.  Turns out I know how to review a resume!  I’ve had people ask me to review their resume pretty often lately.  It always surprises me when someone asks but I guess I’ve been doing a good job.  So here are a couple of how to tips to tweek your resume.  I know there are a lot of things out there about resume’s building but I think these few tweeks can make your resume more effective quickly.

The first think I look at with a resume is format.  I know simple. Just change your font.  However, really it matters, if you have to many word or too many fonts it can get a bit messy.  You want the most important information to stand out its no bueno if everything is bold, underlined, and italicized. Most resumes are glanced at for a couple seconds. Keep it simple.  Instead of changing fonts using bold or italics try using font size to make an impression.

Test: If you look at your resume for 10 seconds (that is a generous glance) what stands out?  Depending on the job your applying for, what do you want to stand out?

Secondly margins are your friend.  Try to expand your margins from 1 inch to .5 you need all the space you can get on that resume.  Every .5 inch counts!  Your resume is a marketing tool you want to highlight all of your best assets so do yourself a favor and give yourself more space.

Test: Did you squeeze a line or two into your resume?  Can you space out the content to make it more readable or add a couple technical skills you had to leave off before?

Lastly, I know you are an over achiever, you are involved in a variety of projects you have your hands in a lot of places.  You have done a lot of things you want a future employer to know how awesome you are.  Besides it’s hard to fit all that you are on an 8×11 sheet of paper, right?  So I’ve been suggesting to my friends that they should add their LinkedIn profile to their resume or their website.  For example Lee has a great website.  If an employer likes that resume you emailed over wouldn’t it be nice to let them get to know you just a bit more with a quick click?

Test: If an employer saw your resume would they want to learn more about you?  If you think yes, does that LinkedIn profile add to your professional persona?

I told you it would be simple. Let me know if these tweeks helped you make a more effective resume.



  1. Chester says:

    Hey, increasingly popular methods for resumes are in a digital format, or on hard discs! This brings a brand new flavor to the ancient art of the resume. It allows for employers to know that you went that extra mile, but it also give you a larger format to display your experience and talent. This could be a big standing out point when applying to some companies, hmm, I guess it could also be a hindrance if the company doesn’t take the time to pop it into a computer. Another way this might backfire is if you present yourself in an unorganized manner, meaning your disc is hard to navigate.


  2. ranavain says:

    Unfortunately, the really cool template I use for my resume doesn’t allow for changing margins. In fact, it has a lot of white space. Which I understand is reasonably good (If you don’t follow Ask a Manager, I highly recommend you do, and she had this awesome article on resumes at

    I do really like the idea of having a LinkedIn link. That’s one thing I’m planning to do with my blog, actually; once its a couple months old, I’ll include a link to it on my resumes, and I think it will help a lot in projecting the brand I’m creating on there. Great post!


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