About This Blog

I have been thinking about my career and where I would like to see myself in the next couple of years.  I spent many nights Google searching and reading an array of books to help give me direction.  After graduation from college I was a bit frazzled not sure how to tie together all of my interests into a career.  I’m passionate about education, leadership, social change, organizational management, development, process standardization and efficiency development, but mostly helping people.  After being very impressed by Rosetta Thurman’s blog challenge I decided to go ahead and get started. 

I don’t know yet the big picture idea for this blog yet.  However I do have a couple of goals, which I expect will give me direction.

  1. Explore my personal career journey and be a resource for others on a similar quest.
  2. Connect with other young non-profit leaders.
  3. Develop and shape my ideas on the education sector specifically for profit higher education institutions.
  4. Be a catalyst for social change. (not just be a part of the conversation but a part of the action too)

I do look forward to sharing resources having discussions and making connections.  I hope that this blog can be a resource for you to come closer to your platform of success. 

Of course feedback is always welcome you can reach me at daniesha.hunter@gmail.com.